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Skills Programme

Skills Programme

What is a Skills Program?

Skills programmes are designed to address the skills gap and enable continuous learning through the a attainment of both theoretical and practical knowledge.  As a Skills Programme is conducted against registered Unit Standards at an Accredited Training Institution, this means that on successful completion of the Skills Programme, Learners obtain formal recognition for the Unit Standard(s), in line with the courses undertaken.

Skills Programmes involve three main parties:

  • The Business/Employer, who can also sponsor the Skills Programme
  • The Training Provider, Facilitator of the programme
  • The learner or employee
Introduction to Professional Driving (Skills Program) (60 Credits)

US Code

US Description

US Credits


Apply occupational health, safety and environmental principles.



Maintaining occupational health, safety and general housekeeping.



Interpret and use information from texts.



Write/present/sign texts for a range of communicative contexts



Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes



Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication



Foster and maintain customer relations



Managing self development


Above is a list of the Unit Standards covered in our Skills Program.

Training Summary

  • All Unit Standards will be based on theoretical training. (Classroom Training)
  • The two Health and Safety Unit Standards contains practical training as well.
  • The four literacy Unit Standards also contains practical presentations the learners need to present for an audience.

Skills Gained

  • Literacy: Communication, Writing, Reading, Understand what they read
  • Health and Safety: Understanding of the OHS Act, Duties of Employees, Duties of Employers, Reporting incidents, accidents and safety related issues
  • Customer Service: Treating the customer correctly, Internal Customers, External Customers, Conflict handling
  • Self Development: Setting and Achieving Goals for yourself, Improving self-confidence, SWOT Analysis

Documents Needed For Registration

  • ID
  • Valid drivers license Code 14
  • PRDP
  • CV

Reverse Classes

Are you a novice semi-trailer driver who hasn’t yet mastered the art of truck trailer reversing? Or are you simply out of practice? Whatever the case may be, CPDA will provide you with all the tips that you need to excel in truck trailer reversing.

Please apply and upload all the following documents

  • ID
  • Valid drivers license Code 14
  • PRDP
  • CV